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What are the 3 S’s of hospital capacity?

Data and Metrics

A: Space, staff, and stuff… “You need all three, and if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter if you have the other two.” This quote from Michigan-based emergency physician Dr. Madshid Abir (NPR article link) highlights what it takes to keep a hospital system humming. Unfortunately, shortages across the three S’s have thrown numerous hospital

I live in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. It’s looking like our Thanksgiving dinner is going to be just 15 people. What are the chances that someone at the dinner has COVID-19?

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A: As of today, 58%. Maybe rethink your plans? We know many folks in the wonderful Dear Pandemic community are “running the numbers” on their holiday dinners to assess risk and adjust accordingly. To assist your calculations, a team at Georgia Tech led by Dr. Joshua Weitz has developed the COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning

I heard somewhere that doctors and hospitals are falsely claiming deaths are due to COVID-19 and incorrectly increasing the case counts. Is that true?

Data and Metrics Uncertainty and Misinformation

A: No. There is no evidence that healthcare professionals are inflating the numbers of COVID-19 cases. Understanding the role of death certificates and how they are completed can help you get to the bottom of it. There has been increased circulation of a false claim that clinicians and hospitals are inflating the number of COVID-19

I can’t help but notice how well Maine is controlling COVID-19. What’s their secret? Rural state? Rich state? Not many older people?

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A: Nope to those three, but yes to leadership, preparation, testing & tracing, and calm, science-based communication. It’s true: Maine is doing very well by almost all metrics used to track the epidemic. While 21 states had their highest daily case counts in the last 3 weeks, Maine’s single day record cases happened way back

What is the real death toll due to COVID-19?

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Q: Are we OVER or UNDER counting COVID-19 deaths? Wouldn’t a lot of these people have died anyway? A: The death toll has been HIGH. We are likely UNDER counting deaths due to COVID-19. While some deaths attributed to COVID-19 would have occurred during this period anyway, we have a way to account for this

Is it true that Sweden has gotten to herd immunity without lockdown? Should we all be doing what they are doing?

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A: No, Sweden has not reached herd immunity, nor have they fared well economically or with respect to COVID-19 mortality. Swedes also voluntarily changed behavior more than is frequently assumed. While there has been a fascination with being Sweden during this pandemic, there are many misconceptions about their experience that are worth clearing up: *Myth