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Q: If 50% of COVID hospitalizations are among the vaccinated, does that mean the vaccines aren’t working?

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A: No. This metric sounds useful, but it can’t tell us anything about vaccine effectiveness. Since the roll-out of COVID vaccinations, many headlines have reported the percent of COVID hospitalizations and deaths who were vaccinated, trying to convey how well the vaccines are working. ‘Only 1% of COVID hospitalizations are vaccinated people’ sounds encouraging, doesn’t

¿La curva de contagios por COVID-19 está llegando al pico de infecciones activas? Si es el caso, a partir de esta confirmación, iríamos cuesta abajo, ¿verdad?

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… recuerde que incluso si los casos bajan tan rápido como aumentan, habrá tantos casos *después* del punto máximo como antes de llegar a él (¡piense en el área bajo la curva!). Y si el descenso es *más lento* que la subida, veremos aún *más* casos acumulados desde la aparición del brote durante la fase


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Hopeful news from 💩 data Omicron stinks big time. But there’s hope on the horizon, popping up in the most unexpected of places – our collective poop. Tracking 💩 – aka “wastewater surveillance” – is a proven way to predict the overall burden of infection in a community. Happily, 💩 trends are ⬇️ nationwide. It

POSTCARDS FROM THE UK: Buckle up America (and everywhere else).

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And by buckle up, I mean BOOST-UP. And take other sensible precautions, especially leading up to the holidays. Nerdy Girl Jenn (🇺🇸 in 🇬🇧 ) writing from not-so-sunny England, home of the strangest shaped epidemic curve ever seen (Figure 1). Delta has been raging here since June and never went away. Omicron has a significant

Is COVID-19 99% survivable?

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A: Yes- BUT those odds are not as good as they sound. Ask yourself- would you let your family board a plane if 1 out of 100 passengers were going to be thrown out of the plane mid-flight? We continue to hear the “99% survivable” argument as a reason not to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

U.S. Passes 700,000 Official COVID-19 Deaths

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The U.S. passed a somber milestone this week of 700,000 official COVID-19 deaths. It is difficult to absorb that there are names, faces, and families behind each of these numbers. Today we remember 35-year-old Kimmie Pavone, a phlebotomist who had tried to get pregnant for 10 years. She delivered her baby at 30 weeks while

📊 REVISIÓN DE DATOS: La Sobrecarga Hospitalaria 📊

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¿Cómo se monitorea la sobrecarga hospitalaria inducida por COVID?  Los investigadores monitorean la sobrecarga con una métrica: El % del total de camas hospitalarias ocupadas por pacientes con COVID-19. Ninguna métrica es perfecta, pero esta es bastante útil. Y según esta medida, las cosas se ven bastante sombrías en los hospitales del sur en este