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How’s the job market recovery going?

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A: “Great trend, but terrible levels.” That’s the TL;DR from well-respected labor economist Aaron Sojourner in response to last week’s release of the March 2021 jobs report. 👍🏼 The good news: The numbers roundly beat Dow Jones expectations. (Expectations: 675k added jobs; Actuals: over 900k added jobs). Yay! 👎🏼 The less good news: The economy

Are COVID-19 cases going down globally?

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A: Unfortunately no. While there has been good news of late in the U.S. and U.K. with steep declines in cases, many countries in Europe and elsewhere are seeing rising cases and deaths. TL;DR: Don’t pop the champagne cork quite yet. While the vaccine roll-out in some countries is a triumph and likely slowing transmission

What’s with the news coming out of Europe on the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine and blood clots?

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A: So far there is no evidence that the risk of these events after vaccination is higher than would be expected based on normal rates. Several European countries including Ireland, Denmark and Norway have temporarily suspended use of the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine as a precaution while they review recent reports of blood clots following vaccination. Meanwhile,

Has there been a COVID-19 baby boom?

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A: No. So far being cooped up at home has NOT led to more babies. Nerdy Guest Dr. Alison Gemmill answered a few questions about fertility during COVID. Dr. Gemmill (Assistant Professor; Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) is a demographer who studies fertility and women’s and

What is the real COVID-19 death toll? Are we over-counting deaths?

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A: Sadly, we are most likely UNDER-COUNTING Covid-19 deaths. Among the most persistent COVID-19 myths is the idea that COVID-19 deaths are being over-counted, including stories of victims of motorcycle accidents getting tested in the hospital so they can be counted as COVID-19 deaths, or the infamous line that people are dying *with* COVID-19 rather

500,000 deaths in the US

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Today we take a moment to remember each and every person who died of COVID-19 in the last 11 months — 500,000 deaths in the US as of yesterday. Large numbers are hard to put into context. In our absence of words to capture the trauma and tragedy of this massive societal and personal loss,