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Can COVID-19 literally break my heart? What the heck is myocarditis?

Clinical Symptoms

A: In short, yes—COVID-19 infection can damage your heart. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart, and recently social media has been blowing up with reports of athletes opting out of play due to myocarditis. We’ve got your back to give you some answers about myocarditis. The most recent reports suggest that myocarditis, or inflammation of

As we approach seasonal influenza season, how will I know if my symptoms are from the flu or covid-19? If I am not sure, what should I do?

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A: Spoiler alert: It will be challenging. Many symptoms overlap between seasonal flu and COVID-19 which will unfortunately make it hard to know whether you have flu or COVID-19. For a thorough comparison of symptoms and other clinical characteristics of flu vs. COVID-19 see here. Symptoms common to both COVID-19 and flu include: -Fever or

HELP! I’ve had COVID-19 and now I’m losing my hair! Are the two related?

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A. Frustratingly, yes. More and more COVID-19 survivors have reported excessive hair loss following infection. Although this complication may not rank up there with some of more serious consequences that have been reported among “long-haulers,” excessive hair loss is still pretty disconcerting. It also adds yet another source of distress, with impacts on morale and