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Can kids get “Long Covid?”

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A: Sadly, yes. Though we don’t know exactly how many kids who had COVID-19 will have prolonged symptoms (often called Long Covid), Long Covid is possible even in kids who had mild or asymptomatic infections. You might hear it called “Long Covid,” “Long Haul Covid,” or “Post-Covid Conditions.” All these names are talking about the

¿Qué se sabe sobre el síndrome inflamatorio multisistémico pediátrico (SIMP)?

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R: El síndrome inflamatorio multisistémico pediátrico (SIMP) ocurre cuando los niños con COVID-19 se enferman gravemente y diferentes partes del cuerpo (como los pulmones, el corazón, los riñones, el cerebro o el intestino) se inflaman, lo cual puede poner en peligro la vida. Aunque es menos probable que los niños enfermen gravemente de COVID-19, a

What are COVID nails?

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A. TL;DR. Some COVID-19 survivors have noticed that their fingernails have developed horizontal grooves. While these nail markings do not occur in all COVID-19 patients, they could be caused by a temporary interruption in nail growth. These changes are not permanent and nothing to worry about. We continue to learn new things about COVID-19, which

Can COVID-19 cause erectile dysfunction (ED) or affect sperm? (Updated 5/24/21)

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A: It’s possible. #VaxUpToGetItUp TL;DR: Due to its impact on inflammation and the vascular system, it is biologically plausible that COVID-19 contributes to erectile dysfunction. But as with much COVID-19 research more, ahem, hard data is needed. COVID-19 infection HAS been associated with a reduction in sperm counts in early research. A recent study found

¿Por qué el Covid-19 es menos riesgoso y menos grave en los niños que en los adultos?

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R: El virus SARS-CoV2 que causa el COVID-19 se introduce en el cuerpo utilizando una “puerta” a través de una proteína en las células llamada Enzima Convertidora de Angiotensina 2 (ECA2). Los niños tienen menos ECA2 que los adultos, por lo que al virus le cuesta más “entrar” en el cuerpo de los niños que

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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In this live Q&A, we’ll be talking with the operators of two other #SciComm pages, Unambiguous Science and ScienceWhizLiz. We’ll talk about the J&J vaccine pause, fleas, Canadian geese, kids and COVID, long COVID, and creative vaccine strategies. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Chit Chat (0:00-3:40) ➡️ Can flea bites transmit COVID-19? (3:40-5:26) ➡️ Blood clotting