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Will staying isolated weaken our immune systems since we are not being exposed to other viruses like the common cold?

Biology/Immunity Families Staying Safe

A: Thank you for this great question from a follower. The immune system gets stronger by learning to differentiate between friendly microbes and unfriendly microbes. Friendly microbes are present in our daily environment in the dirt and in our homes. Bad microbes include viruses such as the common cold that can make us very sick.

Can I get RE-infected with COVID-19?

Biology/Immunity Infection and Spread

A: While we can’t say it is *impossible,* current scientific consensus is that re-infection is *unlikely.* There are various stories from doctors and patients alike making the rounds about individuals testing positive for COVID-19, perhaps having a mild case and recovering, and then a couple of months later falling ill and testing positive for COVID-19

Immunology 101 Video

Biology/Immunity Vaccines

Hi Awesome Nerds! As a “booster” to our recent post on vaccine developments, we want to share with you all an amazing 8-minute video on “Immunology 101” made by Prof. Akiko Iwasaki, Professor of Immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine. Watch with your kids, it’s very accessible and the visualizations are great!! Link to original