How can we make public indoor spaces safer with on-going risks from COVID?

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Answer: Ventilation (add outdoor air to dilute virus in inside air) Filtration (capture and remove virus from inside air) Thanks to Whitney Robinson, PhD and Kathleen Harper, MSPH for making this convenient one-pager with tips on improving indoor air quality to minimize spread of COVID-19 (and other viruses) in public and shared spaces. Full document

¡Refutando los mitos de la vasectomía!

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Hay muchos mitos circulando en el internet sobre la vasectomía. ¡Vamos a refutar estos mitos! Primero, ¿qué es la vasectomía? La vasectomía es un procedimiento quirúrgico en el cual se cortan o bloquean los tubos (llamados conductos deferentes) del escroto que conducen el esperma fuera de los testículos. De esta manera, el esperma no puede

Las Fases Sintomáticas de la Viruela del Mono / Viruela símica

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Recientemente tuvimos unas publicaciones sobre la viruela del mono / símica. Lo que necesita saber ahora sobre la viruela del mono ¿Qué tan preocupado debería estar por la viruela del mono? La gráfica que compartimos hoy fue creada por @actasanitaria y no por Querida Pandemia. Para cualquier pregunta adicional sobre esta gráfica, por favor comuníquese

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 08-12-22

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Those Nerdy Girls answer your questions about Monkeypox, masking at school, bivalent boosters, COVID-19 rebound, and more. Hosted by: – Malia Jones, PhD, MPH: Dear Pandemic Co-Founder & former EIC – Chana Davis, PhD: Dear Pandemic Contributing Writer & Founder, Fueled by Science ➡️ Welcome and Intros (0:00-0:46) ➡️ Monkeypox – How worried should I

Those Nerdy Girls Welcome the Reproductive Health Squad

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Those Nerdy Girls remain committed to providing you with practical, factual, no-nonsense answers to all your everyday health questions, and today, we’re excited to introduce the Reproductive Health Squad. This team of women scientists and health care providers has the expertise to answer your real, embarrassing or even scary questions about all aspects of sexual

Are there any updates on Evusheld, the long-lasting preventative COVID-19 treatment?


A: Evusheld helps prevent COVID infections for up to 6 months. Despite the ~7 million Americans who are significantly immunocompromised, only 400,000 doses have been administered so far, suggesting a lack of awareness among patients and doctors. Evusheld is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies authorized as a PREVENTATIVE treatment for people with compromised immune

What is confirmation bias? What is motivated reasoning? How do they impact the spread of misinformation?

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A: Confirmation bias happens when we accept information that confirms our pre-existing ideas or beliefs, but ignore or question information that does not. Motivated reasoning happens when we only seek out information that confirms what we already think is true. Both ways of distorted thinking can lead us to share information without critically assessing it

Solo los hechos: Anticoncepción de emergencia

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Comprender las opciones de planificación familiar y la salud reproductiva es fundamental. Una opción es la anticoncepción de emergencia. Esto no reemplaza los métodos anticonceptivos de rutina, pero es seguro y efectivo cuando es necesario. ➡¿Qué es anticoncepción de emergencia? La anticoncepción de emergencia es una forma segura y efectiva de prevenir el embarazo hasta