Those Nerdy Girls chosen as a case study by WHO

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🎉 Those Nerdy Girls were recently honored to be chosen as a case study by the World Health Organization (WHO) for innovative science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic! “The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of translating science in a timely and accessible manner to different audiences. As the pandemic progressed, the evidence evolved and

Efectos a largo plazo de la COVID-19

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“Casi un 50% de personas presentan una sintomatología persistente durante semanas o incluso meses después de una infección inicial por el SARS-CoV-2” Lea nuestra publicación sobre el Covid largo aquí Fuente: Fisiopatología de la COVID-19 en diferentes órganos y sistemas. Elsevier España Enlace a la publicación original de Facebook

What is depression anyways?

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💧 Depression is a medical illness, influenced by genes 🧬 , 😞 stressors in our lives, and the 🏡 environment around us. It is influenced by biological, social, and psychological factors. There is no one cause for depression. Depression can affect any person, regardless of age or social status. Some people are more likely to

¡Ayuda! Es el día 10 y mi prueba rápida de antígeno sigue saliendo positiva. ¿Soy contagioso?

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Desgraciadamente, no podemos decirte tu riesgo de contagio de COVID, porque no se ha realizado el estudio ideal, uno que haga un seguimiento de las personas positivas al antígeno después del día 10 y que rastree la transmisión posterior. Podemos decir que, para la mayoría de las personas, el riesgo de contagio de COVID a

What you need to know now about monkeypox

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A multi-country outbreak of monkeypox is in progress and has affected over 100 people in Western Europe and other high-income countries so far. Identified cases stretch across 12 countries where monkeypox is not usually found, and more cases are likely to be identified before the outbreak is resolved. Affected nations include 8 in Europe, the

Meet Those Nerdy Girls: Maggie Hayes

Women in STEM

Today we get to introduce another one of Those Nerdy Girls, Maggie Hayes. Maggie is our Spanish language science communications intern, and she helps with operations, translation, and community engagement on our Spanish-language channel, Querida Pandemia. Maggie is a UW-Madison undergraduate majoring in Spanish and Sociology with a certificate in Chicana and Latina Studies. She