The CDC’s Updated Guidance on Isolation

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The one certainty in this pandemic is CHANGE….. And in science, changing evidence means that we learn more about what we are studying. And that means that we update based on new knowledge. This is sort of, kind of, what happened this week. See Dr. Lindsey’s earlier post on this…..and the WHY….https://tinyurl.com/d9tyjs5s Before diving in,

Is the new CDC isolation policy good or bad?

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A: There are no easy answers, only tough tradeoffs. Read below to learn how to stay calm and think on. 💥Think Like a Health Policy Nerd: A New Occasional Series💥 Pandemic policy chatter is a bit like an epidemic curve. A controversial health policy decision lands. It’s met with loud cheers by some and louder

La vacuna para COVID-19 de Novavax estará disponible en el mercado mundial pronto.

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Esta vacuna está hecha con el mismo proceso de varias vacunas ya disponibles actualmente– igual a las que nos protegen de la tos ferina, la neumonía y la hepatitis B. Se llaman vacunas de proteínas subunidades y tienen varias ventajas, incluyendo que son bien toleradas, baratas, no requieren tecnología avanzada para fabricar y no tienen