On the eve of the US FDA meetings some long awaited results from the US Mix and Match booster trial. TL;DR: ➡️ A boost of ANY vaccine raised antibodies a lot, no matter your first type of vaccine. ➡️ Boosting with an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) after an original Johnson & Johnson vaccine produced

Want to know more about infection vs. vaccine induced immunity to SARS-CoV-2?

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Immunologists who *really* do their own research on this topic have thoughts. Check out this infographic from the British Society for Immunology: TL;DR: ➡️ For most people vaccination will induce more effective & longer lasting immunity compared to natural infection. ➡️ Even if you’ve had COVID-19, vaccination will significantly boost the immunity you have from

¿Qué factores se toman en cuenta para considerarse expuesto a COVID-19?

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Si mi mamá fue a la peluquería el jueves (el estilista estaba enmascarado, mamá no) y su estilista desarrolló síntomas de COVID-19 el sábado, entonces vi a mi mamá (afuera, sin distanciamiento ni utilizando mascarilla) el domingo, ¿Me expuse y debo hacerme la prueba? Lo entendemos, averiguar cuándo y si se considera expuesto a un