Tips for (Properly!) Washing a Cloth Mask


With many of us having trouble accessing or affording medical-grade masks, cloth masking remains a bedrock layer of protection for pandemic living. Dr. Cassandra Pierre, an infectious disease physician at Boston Medical Center, cautions that “a dirty or ‘soiled’ mask can reduce the efficacy of the mask itself. It can also become an irritant to

Does hand sanitizer really kill bacteria and viruses?

Staying Safe

A: Yes. Hand sanitizers that contain 60-95% alcohol or 0.13% benzalkonium chlorides are effective in killing bacteria and destroying viruses when used properly. Washing hands with soap and water remains the best way to rid your hands of disease-causing germs. And there are a few germs that hand sanitizer will not kill. However, when there



We want to take a moment to give a HUGE shout out 📣 to someone who has been on the ground making sure those in her community have access to factual COVID-19 information and vaccines!!! Dorothy Oliver owns a general store in Panola, Alabama and as a central figure in her community capitalized on the

Pandemic Dating


I’m single and in my late 30s … Pandemic dating is so hard… What is safe protocol for dating when you are in that “multiple first date” space because you haven’t found someone you want to go on multiple dates with yet?” Dating is hard in the best of times! Once you factor in a

How and why do viruses mutate?

Biology/Immunity Vaccines

Q: What does this mean for future SARS-CoV-2 variants? A: After infection, the virus makes lots of copies of itself in the body which can lead to random changes (like typos) in the virus’ genetic code (mutations). While most mutations give no advantage to the virus, with enough chances for mutations, sometimes the virus hits