Can I get COVID-19 through blood transfusion?

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A: Many viruses can be transmitted by blood transfusion. However there are no reported cases of people getting COVID-19 by blood transfusion so far. Let’s look at the details. In 1628, British physician William Harvey reported the first description of blood circulation in Western medical literature. Soon after, transfusions were attempted. However, it was not

¿Hay información sobre la respuesta inmune a las vacunas contra COVID-19 en personas que toman medicamentos inmunosupresores?

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P: “Mi hija tiene Enfermedad Inflamatoria Intestinal (EII) y está tomando el medicamento inmunosupresor, Remicade (infliximab). ¿Existe información sobre la respuesta inmune a las vacunas COVID-19 en personas que toman estas medicinas?” R: Algunas personas tomando algunos medicamentos inmunosupresores muestran respuestas más débiles a la vacuna contra COVID-19. Remicade es uno de estos medicamentos inmunosupresores.

Engaging in Conversations About COVID-19 Vaccination


A recent article in SELF Magazine summarized helpful tips on having conversations about COVID-19 vaccination with family and friends. Here are the cliff notes (though it’s worth a full read). 👄 Invest in meaningful relationships with a conversation, even if it’s hard. Starting a complex conversation is sometimes easier if you lead with your shared