Can pregnant people receive the COVID-19 vaccination?


A: YES. The Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and Pfizer vaccines are available to pregnant people in the US. A growing pool of evidence support vaccine safety for both pregnant people and babies. Many pregnant people have received the mRNA vaccine without evidence of unexpected adverse responses. Recent findings from a study published in the New

Nerdy Girl Announcements – May 7, 2021


Announcements! I want to let our beloved readers know that Dear Pandemic has some changes on the horizon! We will continue posting on COVID-19 and taking your questions about the pandemic and vaccines. And you can look forward to some gradual expansion in our scope. Over the next weeks and months, we will also start

What’s up with otters getting COVID-19?

Families/Kids Staying Safe

A: TL; DR. Otters at the Georgia Aquarium recently joined the growing list of animals that test positive for COVID-19. T hey were showing mild symptoms but there is no expectation of long-term effects. While transmission from animals to humans is extremely rare, scientists recommend taking precautions to limit exposures in either direction. What’s up