What’s up with otters getting COVID-19?

Families Staying Safe

A: TL; DR. Otters at the Georgia Aquarium recently joined the growing list of animals that test positive for COVID-19. T hey were showing mild symptoms but there is no expectation of long-term effects. While transmission from animals to humans is extremely rare, scientists recommend taking precautions to limit exposures in either direction. What’s up

Can I shed the vaccine to others?


 A: NO. We’ve seen this myth going around, and Those Nerdy Girls are here to set the record straight. ➡️It is biologically impossible to experience any effects from being near a vaccinated person. Read more: PolitiFact NY Times Link to original FB post

Will I have a “hyperimmune” response if I am exposed to current or new variants of SARS-CoV-2 after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine?


A: No. There is no evidence of a hyperimmune response in COVID-19 vaccinated people later exposed to the virus. 👉🏽 TL;DR: Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 after having received a COVID-19 vaccine does not result in an exaggerated or dangerous immune response. Hundreds of millions of people globally have now received one of the approved COVID19 vaccines.

How do I respectfully share my vaccine enthusiasm with a hesitant-but-still-open-minded loved one?


A: An “empathy sandwich” can help. Prioritize connecting over convincing. Along with a big show of support, we Nerdy Girls are here to provide you with evidence-based tips designed to keep conversations both kind AND scientifically grounded 💕🤓💕 The TL;DR: An “empathy sandwich” approach can be a helpful guide. ❤️ LEAD WITH A QUESTION. Be

Is COVID Arm a real thing? Should I worry?


A: Yes, “COVID Arm” is indeed a thing. COVID Arm is a mild allergic reaction to the ingredients of the vaccine and looks like an itchy, red rash that is typically around where the needle entered your arm. This is not the type of allergic reaction that would rule you out for your second dose.

Has demand for the COVID-19 vaccine crashed in the US?


A: “Crashed”, “plummeted”, “off a cliff”, “vanished”, and “evaporated” are exaggerations, but vaccine demand has definitely weakened in many states. As Cynthia Cox, VP at Kaiser Family Foundation, put it recently: “Good news: In the next month, everyone who wants a vaccine will have gotten one. Bad news: In the next month, everyone who wants