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It’s all your favorite nerds back for another live crossover event! Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist Dr. Emily Smith and Your local epidemiologist Dr. Katelyn Jetelina are joining Dear Pandemic’s Dr. Malia Jones to tackle questions about date night, the latest J&J news, and vaccine hesitancy among white evangelicals. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Chit Chat (0:00-1:00) ➡️

It’s feeling like a particularly strange and confusing stage of the pandemic?! Yikes!

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A: Indeed. Welcome to the #pandexit. Pandexit (n.) The final phase of a pandemic. The messy, halting, confusing labyrinth we must navigate to get from where we are to our new normal. Nerdy Girls Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Christine Whelan, who are also colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teamed up to define and

How do I talk to kids about vaccines?

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A: Vaccination is very important for health in kids and adults alike! Even though COVID-19 vaccines aren’t authorized for most kids yet, there are lots of other vaccines that are super important! Sadly, vaccination rates in children tanked during the pandemic and it is time we get caught back up. Talking to kiddos about vaccination

¿Qué sabemos sobre las vacunas COVID-19 en personas inmunodeprimidas?

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R. Aunque los datos sobre la eficacia relativa en estos grupos son todavía limitados, las vacunas de COVID-19 son seguras para las personas inmunodeprimidas y ayudan a proteger contra la enfermedad grave por COVID-19. En resumen: Ninguna de las vacunas contiene virus vivo y no pueden causar infección. Aunque la respuesta inmunitaria sea menor en

Is the COVID-19 vaccine messing with my period?


TL:DR: We don’t know, but researchers are actively looking into it! The clinical trials of the vaccines did not ask this question specifically, but many people have reported changes in menstrual cycles following vaccination on social media. There is no evidence that vaccination impacts fertility or that something dangerous is going on. Menstrual cycles can