How’s the job market recovery going?

Data and Metrics

A: “Great trend, but terrible levels.” That’s the TL;DR from well-respected labor economist Aaron Sojourner in response to last week’s release of the March 2021 jobs report. 👍🏼 The good news: The numbers roundly beat Dow Jones expectations. (Expectations: 675k added jobs; Actuals: over 900k added jobs). Yay! 👎🏼 The less good news: The economy

What do we know about the COVID-19 vaccines in people who are immunosuppressed?

Biology/Immunity Vaccines

A. While data on the relative effectiveness in these groups is still limited, COVID-19 vaccines are safe for immunosuppressed people and help protect against severe COVID-19 disease. TL;DR: ➡️ None of the vaccines contain live virus and cannot cause infection. ➡️ Even if immune response is lower in the immunosuppressed, the vaccine will induce some