¿Qué funciona para el tratamiento de COVID-19 en personas que no están hospitalizadas?

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R: En cuanto al tratamiento, lamentablemente todavía hay más preguntas que respuestas, pero repasemos la evidencia. En resumen, la combinación de bamlanivimab / etesevimab (️terapia de anticuerpos monoclonales) puede ser útil pero no está disponible fácilmente en EE.UU. o en el resto del mundo. La evidencia aún no está clara en relación con la ivermectina,,

Updated CDC Travel Advice for Fully Vaccinated People

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💥Friday news flash: CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel safely within the US, but encourages continued precautions including masking, distancing, and hand hygiene. ✈️Adding to the list of benefits the fully vaccinated can enjoy (like small unmasked indoor gatherings with other vaccinated folks), the CDC released new guidance on Friday acknowledging lower risk of

Can’t I just give my nose a little break while I’m wearing my mask?


STILL worth repeating, after all these months! A: Nope. COVER THOSE SCHNOZZES! Why? The nose is often the first place the virus attaches and is a replication hotspot. This may be because ACE2 — the cell surface receptor that the virus uses to get into cells — is more abundant on nasal-lining cells and less