Do I still have to wear a mask outside?

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A: It depends. Remember that outside is much safer, but it’s not magic! ☀️ We’re all anxious to get outdoors as the weather improves. Shedding our masks along with our long pants is SO tempting. Because SARS-CoV-2 is most often spread through “swapping air” with others, ventilation is a key factor in transmission. 💨Outdoor air

If we have never achieved herd immunity with the flu, the common cold and many other diseases, what makes it possible to reach herd immunity with COVID-19?

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A: Some diseases are more elusive than others when it comes to herd immunity, and your two examples are among the elusive ones. In order to be a candidate for herd immunity, we need a disease caused by one specific virus. The virus has to be easily recognized by the immune system; it can’t mutate

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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In this live Q&A, we’re teaming up with our science gal-pals at the Unbiased Science Podcast, Drs. Andrea Love and Jessica Steier! We’ll be answering reader questions about antibody testing after vaccination, viral variants & kids, #thrifting, and whether your COVID-19 vaccine can make you test positive for COVID.  https://www.facebook.com/unbiasedscipod/ ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Comments

Is there some benefit to people publicly trumpeting it once they’ve been vaccinated, say, by donning stickers, buttons, bumper stickers, etc.?


A: Yes, tasteful trumpeting could improve COVID-19 vaccination uptake by activating behavioral pathways. Images and stories are powerful tools in motivating social behavior. Stickers and other public displays of individual behavior can promote collective action (Think “I Voted” stickers). When trumpeting your vaccine, remain respectful of others with different perspectives and those who continue to

What’s going on with the Astrazeneca vaccine in the UK and Europe?


A: It’s been a busy couple of weeks for European and UK vaccine regulators. TL;DR: ➡️ Investigations continue into a possible link between the Astrazeneca vaccine and a very rare type of blood clot. ➡️ Both the UK and EU regulators continue to emphasize that vaccine prevents COVID-19 disease, and the benefits of the vaccine

What are the current trends in MIS-C?

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A: MIS-C, or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children, is possible when kids with COVID-19 get really sick and different body parts (like the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain, or gut) become inflamed and damaged. It is a rare, but very serious, medical problem. Though kids are less likely to get seriously ill from COVID-19, as the

Who developed the COVID-19 vaccine distributed by Moderna?


A: After 6 years of working on a vaccine for novel corona viruses Dr. Kizzmekia “Kizzy” Corbett and her team found success. She is our nerdy-girl Pandemic Hero this week. Dr. Corbett is a 34 year old Black American scientist. She is a viral immunologist at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of

How’s the job market recovery going?

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A: “Great trend, but terrible levels.” That’s the TL;DR from well-respected labor economist Aaron Sojourner in response to last week’s release of the March 2021 jobs report. 👍🏼 The good news: The numbers roundly beat Dow Jones expectations. (Expectations: 675k added jobs; Actuals: over 900k added jobs). Yay! 👎🏼 The less good news: The economy