What is going on with the results from the United States AstraZeneca trial?


A: Despite a *strange* communication week, the new trial results show that the Oxford/Astrazeneca is safe and effective. GOOD NEWS! TL:DR: AstraZeneca’s first results this week were based on data collected in the U.S. through a pre-specified end date for interim analysis of February 17th. They continued to collect data beyond that date and have

Based on information gathered from Emily Oster’s recent article in The Atlantic, can I consider it safe for children to travel and have unmasked/indoor playdates, especially looking ahead to summer?

Families Staying Safe Vaccines

A: No. Dr. Oster’s article did not suggest that it’s safe for children to have unmasked playdates and return to 100% normal life this summer. As science journalist Tara Haelle put it, “it’s fine for your unvaccinated kids to go on a road trip and hug their vaccinated grandmas. It’s just not okay to pretend