Should we be sanitizing our groceries or letting them sit to “decontaminate” before we put them away?

Staying Safe

A: No. If you’re still doing this, you can safely quit this labor-intensive process! Just keep your hands clean. COVID-19 is spread via droplets in the air. Focus on cutting down on sharing air with people outside your household by keeping a generous physical distance, wearing masks, getting fresh air, limiting your contacts, and keeping

What’s with the news coming out of Europe on the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine and blood clots?

Data and Metrics Vaccines

A: So far there is no evidence that the risk of these events after vaccination is higher than would be expected based on normal rates. Several European countries including Ireland, Denmark and Norway have temporarily suspended use of the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine as a precaution while they review recent reports of blood clots following vaccination. Meanwhile,