¿Qué contiene la vacuna de Johnson & Johnson-Janssen (y qué no contiene)?

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R: El ingrediente activo de la vacuna de Johnson & Johnson-Janssen (también conocida como vacuna J&J o Janssen) es una versión genéticamente modificada de un virus que normalmente causa el resfriado común. La vacuna también contiene: dos ingredientes para equilibrar el pH, tres ingredientes que son estabilizadores, sal y agua, que se explican en esta

My uncle is knee-deep in COVID conspiracy theories. Any tips for respectfully engaging him?

Uncertainty and Misinformation

A: Experts recommend the SART strategy: Show empathy; Affirm critical thinking; avoid Ridicule; and invoke conspiracy theory “exiters” as Trusted messengers. And it never hurts to remember that as humans we need to feel heard before we can truly listen. Ah, conspiracy theories. We’ve all been exposed to them – wildly inaccurate hot-takes about COVID,

Is there treatment for persistent fatigue experienced months after testing positive for COVID-19?

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A: Yes. While there is no easy fix, there are ways to manage and improve post-viral fatigue. The constellation of symptoms suffered weeks and even months after being diagnosed with COVID-19 is called “long COVID”, post-COVID-19 syndrome, or post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC). People with this condition have been dubbed “long haulers.” Fatigue is one

Do I need the vaccine if I’ve already been infected with COVID-19?

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Q: Do I need the vaccine if I’ve already been infected with COVID-19? Isn’t natural immunity better? A: Vaccines produce STRONGER and MORE CONSISTENT antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 than natural infection, meaning EVERYONE can benefit from the protection. 💥 Don’t give away your shot! As more people become eligible for the COVID-19, we’ve heard some

Those Nerdy Girls Profiled in National Geographic


ICYMI: Those Nerdy Girls were recently profiled in National Geographic Magazine! Some highlights: “It’s like Grey’s Anatomy, Sex in the City, Friends, The Crown—name your favorite show. That’s me and the Nerdy Girls on Saturday,” she says. ~Susan Guariano, a Newark, Delaware, resident, tunes in every week (to FB live Q&As). “In a world where