Should I be worried about potential long-term side effects of COVID-19 vaccines?


A: Realistically, no. Biologically, the chances of long-term effects are vanishingly small. TL;DR: Serious vaccine side effects are exceedingly rare and occur hours or days after vaccination, not months or years. The risk of infection and long-term health effects of COVID-19 infection are high and very real. We *really* feel the sentiment behind this common

Donating Blood After COVID-19 Vaccination


Q: I just received the first Pfizer vaccination dose today and am scheduled to donate double red blood cells in one week. Should I reschedule? Will donating blood impact the success of the vaccination? A: According to the American Red Cross, if you received the Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Novavax, or AstraZeneca vaccine and are you’re