¿Cómo se puede luchar contra las noticias falsas?

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R: Use las 3 D para deshacerse de la desinformación: detectar; documentar; y desenmascarar. “Durante los últimos años, cada vez que ha habido una propagación de gérmenes también se ha acompañado por la propagación de mentiras.” Estas palabras sabias del sociólogo médico Dr. Nicholas Christakis resuenan. Nosotras, las Nerdy Girls, estamos comprometidas a la causa

Cyber Attack on Your Local Epidemiologist


A special message from the author of Your Local Epidemiologist, Dr. Katelyn Jetelina. She has personally asked Dear Pandemic to post this, and it’s also available on her blog (which has NOT been hijacked, and you should go check it out! THE SHOW MUST GO ON. As many of you already know, last Thursday there

Is any country using “mix and match” COVID-19 vaccines?


A: No, but a small trial of this approach has just begun in the UK. What is a mix and match strategy? This refers using different types of vaccines for the first and second dose. While some incorrect headlines a few weeks back suggested the UK was adopting this strategy, in fact their guidelines merely