Does the COVID vaccine only last 90 days?!


A: No. There is really no reason to think that protection from the vaccines wears off after 90 days. We know the vaccines last longer than 90 days. But we don’t know how long. The CDC recently updated their guidance about quarantining after an exposure and included some changes for people who have been vaccinated.

¿Pueden las vacunas de ARNm cambiar mi ADN?

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R: No. Las vacunas de ARNm de Pfizer y Moderna contienen un mensaje que instruye a las células que produzcan una proteína con la forma de una pequeña parte del virus que causa COVID-19. El mensaje se llama ARN mensajero o ARNm. El ARN mensajero sólo contiene la información necesaria para producir una determinada proteína.

What is the difference between antibodies from vaccination and antibodies from having had COVID-19?

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Q: Is there a difference between the antibodies you develop from the vaccination and the antibodies you develop from having Covid19? Is there a reason that antibody tests aren’t a good indicator of whether the vaccine was effective for you. A: Antibodies developed from having from COVID-19 recognize different parts of the virus while antibodies

How do I find a therapist?

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Q: I am struggling with my mental health right now. Nothing I have tried has worked. I think I need a therapist. Where do I start? A: We have a few tips to help you get the help you may need. Many of us are going through this right now (up to 40% of Americans

How should I prepare for my COVID-19 shot?


A: When it’s finally your turn for the vaccine (yay!), there are a few simple things you can do to help everything go smoothly. Learn about the vaccine, know which arm you want your shot in, wear loose fitting clothing, drink plenty of water, and talk to your primary care clinician about any questions you

¿Cuándo pueden los adultos mayores completamente vacunados volver a ver a familiares y amigos?

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R: El estatus de “Vacunación Completa” (2 dosis + 1-2 semanas) ofrece una capa adicional de protección, pero no es una solución milagrosa. Las vacunas existentes de COVID-19 reducen drásticamente el riesgo de infección severa y de muerte. Aún no está claro en qué medida las vacunas reducen la infección o transmisión asintomática. Las estrategias

What’s the news on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?


A: The news is GOOD!! TL;DR: The single-shot vaccine provides strong protection against COVID-19 severe disease and death, and requires only normal refrigeration. Johnson & Johnson is a “viral vector” vaccine, in which a non-replicating adenovirus (a cause of common cold) is used as a delivery service for instructions to create the coronavirus spike protein.