Should I double mask?!

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A: Signs point to yes. 🎱 TL;DR: In situations where you can’t avoid crowded indoor spaces such as shopping or traveling, double masking with a tighter fitting cloth mask over a medical mask can provide extra protection. We’ve all heard by now that the new B117 variant may be more transmissible, possibly via its ability

¿Por qué se está demorando la administración de dosis de vacunas disponibles en EE.UU.?

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R: Por muchos factores: Las vacaciones de Navidad y Año Nuevo, la falta de fondos y de personal, los desafíos logísticos, la necesidad de poner en marcha operaciones de vacunación a gran escala y la baja aceptación entre grupos de alta prioridad. El proceso deberia acelerarse en las próximas semanas. Es frustrante ver estadísticas de

What should I make of the stories of someone dying shortly after getting vaccinated? Or the 23 deaths in nursing homes in Norway?


A: Keep calm and remember this Nerdy Girl Mantra—“What is the BASELINE RATE?” Humans look for patterns & meaning in everything from cloud formations, burnt toast, or the socks they are wearing when their favorite team wins. Especially when something exceptionally good or bad happens, we’re quick to ascribe the cause to something that happened

Trauma and COVID-19

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Q: I’ve heard people using language about trauma and COVID-19. Can you explain? I know COVID-19 is bad… but what makes it traumatizing? A: COVID-19 has caused tragic loss for people around the world. What we consider to be a *loss* is very personal, and can be so emotionally intense that it creates traumatic responses.

¿Puedo utilizar sólo un protector facial?

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R: NO. El uso del protector facial por sí solo no es recomendado. Un estudio experimental evaluó qué tan bien el protector facial protege al que lo usa, demostró que partículas pequeñas pasaban fácilmente alrededor del protector facial. Ahora, en una nueva preimpresión por científicos del Instituto Nacional para Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional, NIOSH National

What kind of mask should I be wearing in my community?

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A: The most effective masks should meet three criteria: secure, multi-layered, and comfortable. The mask should seal at the bridge of the nose, cheeks, and chin. Masks made from multiple layers of material outperform single layer masks. A comfortable mask is more likely to be worn. KEY MESSAGE: Masks work in decreasing spread of COVID-19.

Meet Those Nerdy Girls – Dr. Ashley Ritter, PhD, CNRP


Dr. Ritter is one of our fantastic team of clinicians here at Dear Pandemic. She’s a geriatric nurse practitioner and health services researcher. In her clinical practice, she helps people with complicated medical and social needs make a personalized plan for continued care. Her research examines better ways to provide care following hospitalization, specifically in