¿Qué se sabe de los síntomas de COVID-19 a largo plazo?

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R: Desafortunadamente aún no sabemos porqué una persona experimenta síntomas a largo plazo o la mejor manera de ayudarlas. Sin embargo, estos desafiantes casos a largo plazo de COVID-19 están recibiendo más atención nacional, ¡con un enfoque renovado en ayudar a estos pacientes! El COVID-19 a largo plazo, en inglés conocido como “long-haulers” o “long

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Social and Racial Justice

The pandemic has shone a new light on the harms of racism in our society. Narrowly viewed, COVID-19 affects Black, brown, and Native people more often and more seriously than people who are white. And broadly speaking, the pandemic has also laid bare fundamental injustices in our social order. Today, we pause to honor Dr.

Is it safe to play on a playground?

Families Socializing Staying Safe

A: YES, playgrounds can be safe with some guidelines. The risk of transmission on an outdoor playground is low (but not zero). The greatest risk of infection comes from the people on the playground, not the equipment. Skip the snack, pack some hand sanitizer, and stay SMART. SPREAD OUT. Keep space between your crew and