Melatonin and COVID-19


Q: I’m seeing chatter around a study re: melatonin and COVID-19 prevention and recovery. Should we be taking melatonin every night? What’s an appropriate amount to avoid disrupting our sleep hormones TOO much and having a dose that might actually help?” A: TL;DR: Sufficient restorative sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. Melatonin, which

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Uncertainty and Misinformation Vaccines Videos

In this live Q&A, Drs. Malia Jones & Ashley Ritter will be tackling pandemic questions from our readers. Today’s we’re answering questions from readers about whether you should get the vaccine if you’ve already had COVID and much more! ➡️ Welcome and NG Ashley gets her vax! (0:00-3:07) ➡️ Vaccination info for those who have

¿Debería preocuparme por los posibles efectos secundarios a largo plazo de las vacunas COVID-19?

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R: Siendo realistas, no. Biológicamente, las posibilidades de efectos a largo plazo son extremadamente pequeños. BREVE RESUMEN: Los efectos secundarios graves de la vacuna son extremadamente raros y ocurren horas o días después de la vacunación, no meses o años.* El riesgo de infección y los efectos a largo plazo en la salud a causa