I’m reading that the new strain of COVID-19 is 70% more transmissible. What does this mean? How transmissible was the first strain?

Infection and Spread

A: “Transmissibility” in infectious disease means how readily it is passed from one person to another, given the peculiarities of a specific time and place (in this case, in the UK this Fall). Transmissibility is measured in numbers with something called R-value. The R-value for the old SARS-CoV-2 variant was hovering right around 1 (in

Are we over-counting COVID-19 deaths?

Data and Metrics

Q: Wouldn’t lots of people dying of COVID19 be dying from other causes anyway? A: Sadly, we are likely UNDER-counting deaths due to COVID-19. Among the COVID-19 myths that just won’t die, we continue to hear chatter that COVID-19 deaths are being over-counted, such as stories of victims of motorcycle accidents getting tested in the