Should I be worried about potential long-term side effects of COVID-19 vaccines?


A: Realistically, no. Biologically, the chances of long-term effects are vanishingly small. TL;DR: Serious vaccine side effects are exceedingly rare and occur hours or days after vaccination, not months or years. The risk of infection and long-term health effects of COVID-19 infection are high and very real. We *really* feel the sentiment behind this common

Meet Those Nerdy Girls – Dr. Lauren Hale


This week we are featuring Dr. Lauren Hale, one of the Nerdy Girls who has been helping Dear Pandemic serve up practical (and often entertaining) COVID info since March 13th. Dr. Hale mostly studies the social patterning of 💤 sleep 💤, with particular attention to how social and contextual factors influence sleep and health disparities.

With all this holiday travel, why don’t airports have COVID-sniffing dogs?

Data and Metrics Testing and Contact Tracing

A: As noted in prior posts, highly trained dogs have the incredible capacity to successfully detect the odor of people with COVID-19 by sniffing human sweat. Pilot programs using COVID-sniffing dogs to detect infection among potential passengers have already launched in airports in Finland, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently Chile. These pilot projects

Are there any new heroines of the pandemic that you can highlight?


A: Yes! We love lifting up the tireless work of female clinicians and scientists in this pandemic, and we are delighted to share a little bit about Dr. Sara Oliver, a member of the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Sara Oliver, MD, MSPH is an EIS Officer at the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and

Christmas Gratitude from Those Nerdy Girls


This Christmas we’re grateful for the gift of the Dear Pandemic community, the gift of science, and the gift of a vaccine for Santa! Merry Merry to all who celebrate! Love, Your Nerdy Girls References: Fauci assuring kiddos he vaccinated Santa Image credit Link to original FB post

Help Us Battle Misinformation


Nerdy followers, 2020 has been A YEAR. We’ve laughed, we’ve ugly cried, and we’ve grieved – together. We’ve written over 700 posts informing and empowering individuals to safely navigate pandemic life. Despite being a volunteer operation, Dear Pandemic has not previously asked for donations, because we know the extra financial burdens you face, and we’ve