I have family members and close friends who say they don’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine when it’s their turn. How can I convince them?

Uncertainty and Misinformation Vaccines

A: Lead with love, then with facts. Share your enthusiasm and commitment. Make it easy and fun. Acknowledge past hurts. We already know that hesitancy about the Covid-19 vaccine is running high. Recent survey data (linked below) show that anywhere from 20-40% of US residents report being “unlikely” or “very unlikely” to get the vaccine.

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Vaccines Videos

On this week’s Live COVID Q&A, we’ll be taking all the questions about vaccines!! We have four nerdy girls today: Drs. Kinder, Coles, Leininger and Jones will be tackling a few of your MANY vaccine questions! If you have a question, please put it in our question box at www.dearpandemic.org! ➡️ Intros (0:00 – 2:15)