As winter approaches and many of us are facing unprecedented levels of COVID-19 in our communities, how can we stay safe AND stay sane over the next few months?

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A: The reality is that despite cooling temperatures outside we all need to be thinking about how to reduce the time we spend indoors with those not in our household. The good news is this won’t last forever and we know what steps to take. Indeed, re-upping the strategies we know work to stop the

Wait, did I hear more good vaccine news? Is this too good to be true?!


A: Another Monday, another ray of light breaking through the COVID-19 storm cloud. The news is good, but we must still BE PATIENT and HUNKER DOWN for the winter. Fresh on the heels of the happy Pfizer/BioNTech news from last week, Moderna announced an efficacy of *94.5%* in the first look at data from the