I was paying attention to the US election news this week and didn’t really follow the pandemic news. Now I check the numbers and — whoa! What happened??!?

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Q: Does this mean more lockdowns? To be honest, I’m kinda done. A: Cases are surging, we have rough weeks ahead, and everyone’s collective will to combat the pandemic has eroded. Stay focused on the things you can do in the short term, and stay realistic about this new surge. First, the numbers: If you

I heard there was a large COVID-19 outbreak at an overnight summer school retreat in WI. What happened?!

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A: Retreat organizers relied primarily on a test-based strategy for preventing individuals with COVID-19 from attending the retreat and didn’t employ other measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 among attendees. This did not work. Consequently, a single attendee who became ill the day after arriving led to 116 other attendees (76% of attendees) becoming a