My husband is working at a place where everyone wears masks. I am higher risk & retired… Should he be sleeping in a separate room from me?

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A: When bed partners have varying degrees of risk of exposure and vulnerability to the disease, it’s worth discussing sleeping in separate spaces. The Nerdy Girls call this COVID Bed Spread. Here are some benefits to sleeping apart from other household members: 1.) REDUCED RISK OF VIRAL EXPOSURE (in both directions). Spending six or more

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Drs. Grainger and Parkinson take your COVID questions! Today we tackled: ➡️ Intro + Halloween plans (:00 – 4:40) ➡️ Lightning round! (4:45 – 10:55) ➡️ Is it OK to have surgery? (11:00 – 16:30) ➡️ Hard truths re: Turkey Day (16:40 – 22:25) ➡️ Restaurants’ outdoor “dining domes” (22:30 – 27:39) ➡️ Risk-taking and