How do I have a SMART Halloween?

Families Socializing Staying Safe

A: Good news!! Traditional Halloween activities in the United States are pretty easy to adapt to a COVID world! With a few modifications, we can trick-or-treat, dress up, visit friends outdoors, and go to pumpkin patches safely. Just keep the invitation list to a minimum, wear a mask, and skip the indoor activities. With Halloween

I can’t help but notice how well Maine is controlling COVID-19. What’s their secret? Rural state? Rich state? Not many older people?

Data and Metrics Infection and Spread Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Nope to those three, but yes to leadership, preparation, testing & tracing, and calm, science-based communication. It’s true: Maine is doing very well by almost all metrics used to track the epidemic. While 21 states had their highest daily case counts in the last 3 weeks, Maine’s single day record cases happened way back