How can I boost my immune system?

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A: Today we focus on the importance of sleep health as an evidence-based strategy for improving your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic. ** Long-term sleep deficiency is associated with a range of co-morbidities (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia) that put you at higher susceptibility and more severe outcomes of COVID-19. You can reduce

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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Dr. Simanek and Dr. Jones tackle follower questions in this not-quite-live Q&A session. We’re taking questions from Wisconsites about voting (:45), safety of hair salons (4:06), holding COVID safe funerals and other gatherings (10:32), close contacts vs. not close contacts (15:45), celebrating homecoming and other outdoor fall gatherings and events (25:01), and disease transmission patterns