Why wasn’t a test-only strategy sufficient for preventing transmission of COVID-19 in the White House?

Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Testing individuals for COVID-19, while a necessary component of our public health strategy, doesn’t 100% prevent those who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 from transmitting the infection to others BEFORE they test positive. The type of testing strategy used by the White House was to screen individuals for COVID-19 using a rapid antigen-based test (i.e.,

Can I wear a face shield by itself?


A: NOPE. No face shield by itself. As we’ve previously covered, use of face shields by themselves is not recommended. A previous experimental study evaluated how well face shields protected the wearer, showing that smaller inbound particles can easily flow around the shield. Now in a new pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed) by scientists from the

¿Qué pasó con el ensayo de AstraZeneca que fue detenido?

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R: La semana pasada se conoció la noticia de que el ensayo de la vacuna en etapa 3 de AstraZeneca/Oxford se detuvo después de que un participante en el Reino Unido desarrolló una “enfermedad grave”. AstraZeneca no lo ha confirmado, pero se ha informado ampliamente que la enfermedad fue mielitis transversa, una inflamación de la