What’s the update with COVID-19-sniffing dogs?

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A. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport welcomed COVID-19-sniffing dogs to their staff last week, hoping to use their keen sense of smell to detect COVID-19 positive patients up to 5 days before symptoms appear. Dubai International Airport also has a team of dogs sniffing for COVID-19. Here’s how the airport testing works: Prospective passengers rub a wipe

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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Dr. Leininger and Dr. Jones tackle follower questions in this not-quite-live Q&A session. We’re answering questions about how to have an honest conversation about your pod (3:00), kids and transmission (7:00), fomites (12:45) and … how to think about Joe Biden’s negative test result from Friday, Oct 2 (at 17:20). Related links: What is the

How to have a SMART Halloween

Families Staying Safe

S. Space: keep your distance from other people. M. Mask: wear a mask! A. Air: take the fun outdoors. R. Restrict: Avoid crowds (especially indoor crowds)! Don’t expand your COVID bubble on Halloween. T. Time: Keep your interactions short & sweet. We have updated our SMART graphic for the holiday. Feel free to pass this