I’ve heard a lot of stuff about flu shots. What’s true?

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A: There are tons of myths and misconceptions out there about the flu shot. This week, our Friendly Family Doc breaks them down and sets the record straight! Myth: The flu vaccine causes the flu. Fact: Nope! There are multiple formulations of the influenza vaccine, both injectable and a nasal spray. Flu shots contain inactive

¿Qué es realmente la inmunidad colectiva?

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R: El término “inmunidad colectiva” o “inmunidad de rebaño”, es también llamado a veces “inmunidad comunitaria”, y se refiere a una situación en la que muchas personas de una población no son susceptibles a un virus, ya sea porque ya lo han tenido y es poco probable que lo vuelvan a contraer, o porque han

What exactly is a “superspreader” and what makes one person a superspreader and another person not?

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A: The word “superspreader” simply refers to someone who is infected with COVID-19 and–somehow–manages to pass it along to a whole lot of other people. Specifically, a superspreader infects many more people than you would expect based on the averages. We’ve seen situations where one infected person got dozens of others sick. We’ve also seen